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"Sita's remarkable intuition allows her to provide a deeper level of healing than other practitioners. She possesses an extraordinary energy that is empowering and calming at the same time. She does more than massage, or bodywork, or energy work ... she guides her clients along on a journey of a deeper understanding of the body/mind/spirit connection, which opens up exponentially greater healing. Her special abilities help you find empathy, patience, and peace within yourself (often without words) so that you can heal and radiate from the inside out - not just superficially for a few hours after your massage. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Holly Osborne

Agency Lead, Google, NYC

"Sita is simply magical.  She customizes each massage based on what I say is bothering me that week and has the perfect combination of techniques.  And she's the only massage therapist that is able to put me into a "trance-like" state with her foot massage. Amazing!"

Karin Magnuson

Director, People Ops-Tech, Google, NYC

"Functional Integrations sessions with Sita have had a huge positive impact on my overall health. She has helped me reduce chronic pain, improve my posture and overall mind body awareness. I can't thank her enough!"

Abby Toomey


"Sita's calm, keen intelligence has been a crucial factor in helping me understand and mitigate my musculoskeletal problems."

Nina Kang


" A very gifted bodyworker whose example and knowledge will leave a lasting impact on the Google Massage Program and team for years to come."

Michelle Hocking


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