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Aaryshree Foundation - Helping Women in India


Our Story


As many of you know, I have been supporting a friend, fellow Buddhist,and social worker in India with her project educating women and children of the banjara community in a slum in Belapur,New Mumbai for some years.

The project name is Aaryshree Foundation.The foundation educates women and girls, making them aware of their legal rights, it teaches personal hygiene and health care and makes women aware of medical facilities available,it teaches women arts and craft skills so they can earn incomes and gain independence, and it tutors young girls to help them get through school and graduate, giving them hope for a future.


We have built a simple website for the project. With almost no funding,Shraddhajyoti not speaking English and my not speaking Marathi, and neither of us being at all tech savvy,this has been a long arduous process.But we now have something we can show you to let you know what wonderful and important work is being done  by Shraddhajyoti and the other women volunteers involved.Please take a look:

We held an Indiegogo campaign in 2015 for a specific need:

To raise $1,265 so that Shraddhajyoti, can hire one more trained social worker to help her. At present she is the only qualified social worker at the foundation, and in many ways, the only formally educated adult on the team. $1265 would be an entire annual salary for the second social worker.


  • They have currently been asked to vacate their rental premises in two months and the foundation has almost no money to afford market rents. But they are looking... and praying!

  • A tax deductible certificate is in process of being applied for so that they can receive larger( corporate) donations to support rent and daily running of the programs. If you know anything about the Indian administrative system ;-), you understand this job alone will require full time attendance by one educated person for several months....

  • Meanwhile, someone has to run the daily classes and workshops as well.....

The campaigne was successful and we raised $200 over our goal! But the foundation still struggles and any donations to this cause will be most welcome! Donations can be made to Sita Mani.Please use the contact page on this site to reach me and I will respond.


Thank you for your interest in our work!

Sita Mani on behalf of All at The Aaryshree Foundation, Belapur, India



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