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"I worked with Sita Mani for almost two years, after having already earned a bachelors and masters in the arts, and in our time together, Sita was able to get me out of my head and into my body. She gifted me with a sense physical awareness and physical ease that I continue to use everyday, on the stage, in the gym, and just in life. I highly recommend spending time with this master teacher. If she can get me out of my way and into my body, she can do the same for anyone."

Keith Hines

Actor, Broadway National Tour

Jersey Boys

“Sita Mani is one of those muti-talented teachers who offers her students a unique somatic and physical experience. With professional dance training, feldenkrais certification, massage therapy and contact improvisation,Sita offers her students a deep and rigorous process for physical change and emotional expansion. Good for actors, dancers or anyone interested in self growth.”

Fay Simpson


Lucid Body

“Attending Sita Mani’s movement class was inspirational. Sita is a profound, gentle teacher who guides you towards a knowledge of yourself through the awareness of your own body. That all seems simple but one quickly discovers how alien our own bodies are. Beginning to sense oneself through the body is an experience that opens the heart and mind and Sita makes that a joyful journey. It is beautiful work and one realizes it is a life-long journey without a final destination."

Trudy Steibl


Herbert Berghof Studio

“I have worked with Sita off and on for more than a decade. It has been my privilege to have her as a faculty member at my Center, teaching movement and Feldenkrais, and I have taken class with her, performed with her, and presented her original theatre work as well. During all this time I don’t know if I have encountered anyone else who has such facility to be both intuitive and analytical, in her head and in her body, graceful and raw, introspective and expressive and still be really humble, kind and welcoming, sometimes all alt once. She is an honest and fearless explorer of the mind, heart and soul."

Chris Pelham


Center For Remembering & Sharing

“80% of acting is what happens inside your body. “Your body will always know more than your head.” That is something I was taught as an actor, but as an acting teacher it is a bit of a bitter truth. What I teach makes up only 20%. But the truth remains.As the Director of a Conservatory Program, it has been my duty, to source out the best teachers to help emerging actors discover themselves through their bodies. To that end, I know no better teacher than Sita Mani. She has an, almost, preternatural ability to help actors in development to authentically discover who they are—through their bodies.

Sita has become my “go-to” person for all things physical in an actor’s development. Her eclectic biography has made her an unsuspecting authority in humanity, and she has an innate gift in helping others discover their own humanity physically. A gift she is far too humble to voice on her own.

You may not have heard her name. She is young—a novice is some eyes. But, speaking from the position of someone that has launched many careers in actor training, I have every belief that Sita will soon become one of the next great voices in training. I recommend her to you without reservation. Whether you are a novice looking for the keys to the kingdom, or an old-hand, trying to re-connect to your inner truth—I know no better teacher than Sita Mani. Run—don’t walk."

Jayd McCarty


The Studio/New York

“I have not experienced a teacher more dedicated and committed to making sure each student learns and understands what she is teaching. Sita beautifully molds her way of teaching with each students way of learning. The result is that each student feels seen, understood and safe enough to grow and take risks creatively to ultimately become a more generous artist.”

Todd Estrin


Teaching Assistant

"This program was the highlight of my adult life thanks to you.Our last class together it was extraordinarily moving to see how far everyone had come. It was such a pleasure and an honor having you as a teacher, and I just can’t thank you enough."

Olivia Levine


"As a personal trainer and martial artist, my understanding of functional movement was already quite extensive, but Sita was able to show me much much more. Her gentle guidance and expertise opened up possibilities for me as an actor that I had not known possible. My knowledge in movement was based in science, but Sita helped me find what was beyond the science. Sita is an excellent instructor and extremely knowledgeable. I have used what I learned from her for my clients and in my own martial arts training. I highly recommend taking a class (or more!) with her!"

Chester Poon


The Flea Theater

"Sita Mani is one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is able to perfectly combine both a level of warmth and a level of professionalism to her teachings. With her, there is no ego, there is only work. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to understand his or her own body and where and how it exists in the world of both performance and life."

Rebecca Carton


"Sita has been one of the most important teachers in my life, and experiences I’ve had with her still come to my mind years later. She is fearless yet patient and compassionate in her teaching. Her extensive knowledge of feldenkrais and the body challenged me to rethink my body habits in a safe, integrative, and deep way. Sita taught me- through many different and imaginative tools- that I can make my body go beyond my perceived limits."

Sarah Silk


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