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Devised work by Sita Mani


What you counted and carefully saved

An Original Work

Directed and Produced by Sita Mani

Created by Sita Mani & The Company



Todd Estrin, Suzannah Herschkowitz, Julia Hirsch, Daniel Kublick, Charlotte Moroz, Jennifer Tsay and Nina Wray


Lighting Design: Drew Vanderburg

Technical Director: Emma Rivera

Music: Rene Aubry,Javier Martinez Maya,Ofra Haza,Le Trio Joubran,Armadillo String Quartet,Cirque Du Soleil

Poetry: Naomi Shihabe Nye


Presented by BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange’s visitor’s program

 Produced by Sita Mani.


The work "What you counted and carefully saved" explores the issue of “Human Loss” through different generations on a personal and universal level. The exploration is done through the body in relationship to itself and through Contact Improvisations.The script is being created through verbal improvisation also generated from improvised movement and physical impulse coupled with the questions “Where do I come from?” and “What have I lost?”.The premise for my exploration being that the body manifests both the unique individual experience and  the universal human experience more authentically, viscerally and immediately prior to being processed through the Associative Parts of the brain and/or,the intellect.

The stories told range from the disillusionments of youth and young adult life to the loss of our ideology, health, loved ones and our own lives.

The work explores how we each experience and assimilate loss and searches for meaning in this very human experience in order not to be overwhelmed by it, but to bring ourselves forward from it to be richer individuals and members of community.

The work also explores the relevance of personal loss in the face of the larger human tragedies that occur everyday around us.

that explores the artists relationship to loss on a personal and universal level

Director’s Note

This work, still very much in progress, has been a precious and magical  6 month journey into the human heart for us as artists and individuals.Like the human heart, our  travels have have been messy,fragile and abounding with love, and like the human heart, what we share with you tonight is neither linear nor logical….



Phtography: Dariush Shemtoob

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