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Devised work by Sita Mani



MachigLab Theater

Machig Labdron is a historical buddhist figure. She was an adept, a teacher and founder of a unique transmission lineage engaging creatively with and transforming form, feeling, perception, thought and consciousness to free the mind.


The name MachigLab Theater is inspired by a vision I had on a retreat of Machig Labdron, before I knew who she was and how perfectly her  practice and life work intertwines with my own creative journey and the raw center of my practice: Working with fear, using our demons as a way to freedom.

Machig Labdron : “To consider adversity as a friend is the instruction....”

MachigLab Theater creates and presents devised work that explores through the body to create conditions and present material that provides the artists and the audience with a window into the human experience in a transformative way.

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