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Freeing the Jaw for the Voice,Breath & Relaxation

One Day Feldenkrais Workshop

Sunday 9/18/2016

This one-day workshop is ideal for individuals looking for relief from TMJ / jaw grinding as well as for Actors,Singers and anyone looking to free the vocal apparatus and relax the nervous system in a gentle but deeply effective way. This is the only work I have ever found that actually resets the system for long term change rather than just providing temporary relief from symptoms.

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons teach you how to reduce unnecessary muscular effort and improve awareness of the whole self in action. The teacher uses a combination of pleasant, purposeful movement and guided attention to lead you through a particular pattern of movement and action. Emphasis on sensory learning results in movement that is more flexible, pleasurable, efficient and free from aches and pains.

Location: CRS Studio,123 4th Ave,#2 (Union Square)

Date:Sunday September 18

Time:10 AM-6PM (one hour for lunch)

Cost: $100 ($85 early bird by August 12th)

For registration click link:

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