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Start Where You Are

A Course in Movement Fundamentals with Sita Mani

Beginner and Intermediate level classes available.

Class Description:

The Class will start with a Feldenkrais "Awareness Through Movement" lesson or a Body Scan and go on to instruction in a guided warm up based in The Feldenkrais Principles.

Depending on the pace of each class,the warm up will move from simple breath work to more complex movements of the upright body in gravity and in relation to experience. It will develop ease in posture and prepare the Artist's Body and Being for work by leading it into the "receptive" state required for the creative act.

The last portion of the class will focus on helping individuals cultivate the skills of "Listening for impulse" and " The use the authentic self", in the moment, in any condition, in service of the work.

The class is ideal for Actors preparing for Auditions,for ALL creative artists who have trouble staying present and "embodied", for Theater Artists who feel uncomfortable with the physical aspect of their work or for the seasoned Actor who wishes to re-connect with his or her body.

This class runs "monthly" ie, in sets of 4 classes at a time, with an option to renew/discontinue every 4 weeks.

The next set runs:


Dates:Thursdays September ,22,29,October 6,13

Times: 1-3:30PM

Intermediate Practice

Dates:Wednesday's September 21,28,October 5,12



Location: Soho

Cost: $200 for first time attendees and $150 for returning students.

Registration: please visit contact page.

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