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Classes, workshops and private coaching available.



Feldenkrais Classes/ Awareness Through Movement Lessons

Feldenkrais Classes are neuromuscular re-education classes ideal for individuals in need of relief from pain and discomfort, stress management, postural re-education and more efficiency and comfort in specialized activities and creative processes.

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons teach you how to reduce unnecessary muscular effort and improve awareness of the whole self in action. The teacher uses a combination of pleasant, purposeful movement and guided attention to lead you through a particular pattern of movement and action. Emphasis on sensory learning results in movement that is more flexible, pleasurable, efficient and free from aches and pains.

Lessons can be offered as weekly classes or workshops that are tailored to the needs of your clientele, and they could range from a 3 hours to one or two days

The Actor’s Body

“The Actor’s Body” is a class for performance artists offering performers a more refined self awareness, physical awareness, visceral authenticity and working process.

This class introduces students to movement fundamentals and builds physical awareness, flexibility, and strength; with specific attention to the physical challenges, limits, and acquired habits of protection with which the older actor may contend. Physical practices such as Feldenkrais or Yoga are incorporated to help improve the quality and range of movement, physical balance and posture, and to enhance vitality. Physical improvisation brings greater freedom in working with impulses moment-to-moment. Actors will discover how this work enhances stage presence, vocal support and projection, and opens up a broader range of creative possibilities for the physical structuring of a role.


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