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Functional Integration is the therapeutic, hands-on application of the Feldenkrais Method®. They are gentle and comfortable. Clients remain clothed and rest on a low, padded table as the Feldenkrais Practitioner works with them. The Practitioner’s touch is soft and relaxing in order to communicate effectively with the client’s brain and nervous system. Sessions are between 45-60 minutes long. NOTE: First appointment will be 90 minutes long and include a consultation and careful assessment of your needs.Feldenkrais treatments work by generating useful sensory-motor information for your brain that can improve your body’s organization, posture and ability to move comfortably. Because the information is so valuable, your brain pays attention immediately, and utilizes the new information throughout your body. As old, painful or self-restrictive habits of posture and movement begin to change, new neural pathways develop and you gain access to new, better options for your posture, organization and movement.

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